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Searching for My Keys

Deborah Lee Luskin
Public domain photo.

If I’m lucky, I might still have a third of my life left in the tank, so I’m annoyed that I squander so much of this time searching for my keys. Whenever I can’t find them, I have painfully memories of laughing at my mother, whose every sortie from wherever she was started with a hunt for her handbag. I was sure this would never happen to me, but if it’s not my keys that are MIA, it’s my wallet or phone. If only I kept the three together, I could just call them up – unless I forgot to charge the phone.

My mother died of complications of vascular dementia, one of the many types of Old Timers’ Disease of which Alzheimer’s is the most famous. She was a tall, slender woman who was disappointed I inherited my dad’s sturdy frame. But luck of the draw, my dad’s in good health as he turns ninety; I’m starting to think short and stout may have some advantages if they come with a longer-lived brain. But I’m not taking any chances, and I’m doing what I can to remain sharp. [Read More…]

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Hello, Tooth Fairy!

Losing a tooth at age six is exciting; losing one at age sixty is not. At age six, the tooth-gapped smile is a sign of maturity. Those front teeth, once the suspected source of infant irritability, are celebrated as they wiggle free. At six, the improbable saw-toothed permanent teeth emerge into the double-wide gap like […]

Snow recedes like an outgoing tide.

What a difference a day makes!

What a difference a day makes! Sunday, the sun shone, the snow receded like an outgoing tide.               Hundreds of robins landed to inspect the newly revealed field. Between morning and night, the garden gate was liberated from snow, the log pile emerged, so work toward next winter’s wood […]


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