Living in Place

The Dark of the Year

MenorahDespite all the festivities with lights, parties, and gifts, the darkest days of the year can be emotionally trying up here in the north, where the sun rises late and sets early. In my recent radio commentary, The Dark of the Year, I reveal two of my secrets for sustaining me to the solstice, when the earth turns back to the light.

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Deborah Lee Luskin Writing Desk

Writing in Vermont

Like Rose Mayer in Into the Wilderness, I came to Vermont for the summer – and stayed. I wanted to write fiction, and the noise of city life made it difficult for me to hear my own voice. Even though I came to Vermont in the summer, winter is the season that matters; it’s winter […]


Dreaming of a Green Christmas

While I hope there’s snow for a white Christmas, I’m also dreaming of a Christmas that’s green. During the winter holidays, Americans typically use and discard about 38,000 miles of ribbon – enough to tie a giant bow around the earth. Over consumption threatens to darken our dreams of a white Christmas. But the celebration […]


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